Working with the Laws of the Universe

There are 7 Laws of the Universe:

  1. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation, clearly states that energy is forever moving into form through form and back into form. The energy flows in.We give it an image. We internalize the image. We plant it in our heart... our subconscious mind. The early Greeks referred to the subconscious mind as the heart. You don’t become what you think about. You become what you plant in your heart.
  2. The Law of Relativity is the Universal Law that states all things are relative. Nothing is good or bad, just relative. We are the ones that determine if something is good or bad in relationship to everything around us, but the fact is there is, no truly good or bad.
  3. The Law of Rythym. We know that everything vibrates, hence the Law of Vibration.   What we also need to understand is that the vibration is not a chaotic vibration, it is orderly.  Everything moves to certain rhythms. We see these rhythms all around us in nature.  We see it in the seasons, the cycles, the stages of development, and we see it in the patterns of nature.
  4. The Law of Gender, the Universal Law that states all things have both masculine and feminine attributes and all things need time to gestate and grow. There are two parts to this Universal Law. The first is that there are both male and female components to all things in nature. The other is that all things need a gestational period. This includes thought as well.
  5. The Law of Polarity decrees everything has an opposite. You’d have no right side to your body if there wasn’t a left. There’d be no front without a back. And we can go right back to the basic law, everything just is. Choose to look at the positive side of things and I guarantee if you harvest the good in every situation, the good will grow. You’ll have a wonderful attitude. You’ll live in a healthier body. You’ll earn more money. You’ll have more friends and life will be good.
  6. The law is the Law of Cause and Effect. Everything you see around you is an effect. All of your behaviour is an effect. All results are an effect.What we want to understand is what’s causing that effect. Now it’s a strange thing—cause and effect.The effect then becomes a cause of a new effect. It’s a train of causation if you want to look at it that way.
  7. The Law of Vibration states that nothing rests. Everything moves. Did you know we are vibrating all of the time? Your brain is an electronic switching station. Most people think of their brain as their mind. Your brain isn’t your mind any more than your fingernail is. The Brain is part of the body. Mind is movement and body is a manifestation of that movement. When you think, you activate brain cells. As you activate brain cells, you set up a vibration in your body. Now think of this... the vibration you’re in is going to dictate how you move but it also dictates what you attract to you

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